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Homework Support Program

The in-person English Program curriculum was created to enhance students' literacy and comprehension skills through various tools based on the students' lived experiences.

The program provides students with the practical skills to take classroom theory and communicate effectively and efficiently while providing a learning environment that gives confidence and a global perspective. Each week students meet to read and articulate what they have read, engage in learning activities based on the week's subject, and engage in grammar activities to enhance their written and oral communication skills.

The students are also assigned monthly projects to develop their research, communication, and public speaking skills based on their lived experiences and interests. Each engaging activity is customized to the student's learning and skill ability to challenge them. The English program also provides activities that build their confidence and keep them engaged in the weekly lessons. Presently we have over 25 children enrolled in our in-person class.

Our program serves students from grades kindergarten to grade 12.

We also have a virtual grammar class targeted at kindergarten to grade 4 students. Students learn new grammar rules each week through various learning methods, such as teachers' lectures, online videos, games, and practical examples.

We believe that providing different delivery methods allows all children to have an equitable chance to engage in learning so that they may be able to reach their full potential not only as a student but as an individual as a whole.

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