About Us

Peace From Within

Peace For All Canada (PFAC) is a Community-based Conflict transformation initiative. PFAC utilizes the creative energy of individuals, communities, their imagination, skills and commitment to promote communities wellbeing.

The vision is to build united and prosperous communities, living peacefully side by side.

The mission is to inspire individuals, families and communities to confront all types of violent extremism, discrimination, promote socio-economic empowerment and peaceful co-existence between communities.


  • To prevent violent conflict and promote peace and conflict resolution
  • Facilitate social cohesion
  • Promote community trauma and support healing
  • Engage in deliberate reflection and actions
  • Promote social entrepreneurship

PFAC Philosophy

Community Participatory Peacemaking (CPP) aims to inspire community members to participate in collaborative and coordinated social dialogue and action. And to facilitate reflective thought and meaningful social, cultural, spiritual and economic action. Community volunteers will manage it.

PFAC will invite everyone to come together to dialogue and take collective action about ways and means to expand our sense of community and diversity, shared values, norms and interest. Included will be individuals, family, community, groups, governmental and non-governmental organizations, refugees, immigrants, newcomers, current residents and natives. We hope to create a new space for community dialogue, collaboration and partnership.

We will listen to each other, enhance our mutual respect, and work to bring the best out of every individual, family and community. With our shared purpose we will be able to dream together to support our mutual growth and our aspiration for peaceful co-existence and social, cultural, spiritual and economic transformation. We will learn to celebrate and treasure our individual and collective qualities and talents and work together to improve them. We want to walk together toward a path where we all feel that our humanity and diversity is recognized, cherished and celebrated.

This community engagement space will be a place where we can invite “otherness” into our lives – a place where we can nurture a belief that we are profoundly interconnected with one another. We will learn how to acknowledge our dependence on each other and how to be accountable to one another. We will be able to bond together to confront our challenges and celebrate our blessings. We will stand together and take practical steps that will help us enhance our appreciation for the value of “otherness”. This will be the place where ordinary people with extraordinary passion for the value of love, kindness, respect and good work can find the ultimate collective truth that “we are part of otherness and otherness is part of us”

Community engagement is also a space where we can tap into our creative mind and soul and collectively learn to transform our contradictions that emerge from the gap between our aspirations and our perceptions, attitudes and behavior which run contrary to our convictions. This is an opportunity where we can learn to restrain our contradictions so that they cannot hold us back from our desire to live life fully, love passionately, care tenderly and respect generously, and work to enrich others’ lives. It’s been said that, “The genius of human heart lies in its capacity to use these tensions to generate insights, energy, and new life”.

As we pursue the path of compassion and humility this is an opportunity to broaden our moral and ethical imagination in order to imagine someone else’s life. This is the path that holds the potential to prevent violent conflicts.

Community engagement is an opportunity to examine reasons why many of us lack confidence in our own voices and in our power to make a difference. We can learn how to generate a sense of personal and collective voice and urgency so that we can shed light on our concerns and hopes. We hope we can reflect on each other’s insights and energy as we speak and act together. Unity radiates hope and gives rise to new life.

The community engagement space is founded on the belief that a community allows us to exercise “the power of one”. There is urgent need to mobilize ourselves to think and reflect on root causes of our social, cultural, economic and structural challenges, and so confront them. In deed there is urgency to come together and discuss our problems while strengthening our capacity to create community and release our collective insights and energy.

Through the community engagement space we can discover our path to fairness and inclusion – we can learn to think and launch our cooperative drive as we build a new space for citizenship. We will learn to share and use our talents, abilities and resources for the common good of our communities.

Ayiko (Solomon) Muhhamed Ali

Project Lead

I, Ayiko Muhammed Ali, the Executive Director of Peace For All Canada (PFAC), committed to supporting women, youth and children to access quality of education and social economic justice. I am fluent in Arabic and have an undergraduate degree in Global Studies and a graduate degree in Human Security and Peacebuilding, which will also allow me to better assist the individuals we are supporting.

I’ve spent the last 14 years of my life dedicated to transforming my childhood war trauma into a voice for the voiceless women, youth and children around the world. My portfolio of supporting women, youth and children involves design and development of new projects and programs, and working with key stakeholders. These experiences have assisted me to develop skills in empowering local women, youth and children, and initiating innovative, grassroots, social economic and conflict transformation projects, and these outcomes listed below:

  • Coordinated civilian protection and humanitarian service delivery for over 20 international organizations and provided recommendation reports on various conditions related to insecurities;
  • Dedicated to working effectively and efficiently in complex, insecure, humanitarian conditions, and harsh living conditions;
  • Technical skills in designing, programing and coordinating protection and social justice programs;
  • Experience in mobilizing volunteers as a founder and manager for a non-profit organization by building collaborative relationships to confront root causes and drivers that strip children from their childhood;
  • Advocate in starting dialogues in post-conflict situations that were supported by the Canadian Department of Foreigner Affairs and International Trade (DFAID) with funding worth $350,000 and further dollars in annual fundraising efforts;
  • Investigative approach to seek out funding sources and draft funding applications;
  • I researched and analyzed current policies, and shared this with team members and partners. I investigated funding sources, designed, developed and coordinated projects, and wrote funding applications. These are skills that will be a positive addition for PFAC

    Wazhma Frogh

    Director for Sustaining peace and community Engagement

    Wazhma Frogh, the 2009 International Woman of Courage awarded by the United States Department of State Secretary Hillary Clinton and Mrs.Obama is a lifelong campaigner and a human rights lawyer from Afghanistan. In 2016, Frogh was appointed as a peace counsellor by the President of Afghanistan on the country's High Peace Council to mediate the peace process with the Taleban insurgents based on her years of experience and knowledge mobilizing communities for local and national peace building programs.

    Alexander Pavlov

    Director of Social Justice and Reconciliation

    I was born on December 23, 1969 in Kazanlak, Bulgaria and studied elementary and secondary school in the same town and graduated in 1987. I graduated Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridsky in 1994 with Masters of Law degree and became a lawyer in September 1994. As a lawyer I represented clients in court litigation for civil, criminal, administrative and refugee cases, consulted with clients on a range of legal issues – personal property and business disputes, corporate cases, provided advice on criminal and civil court matters and represented clients in court for refugee applications and appeals as well as in the National Agency for Refugees. In 1998 I started a private practice as a Notary Public in Sofia, Bulgaria. I worked as a public notary from 1998 to 2014 and performed a wide range of responsibilities related to wills and estates, stored around 120 wills in the archive, real estate transfers, corporate cases.

    Muhammed Bilal

    Director of Communication and Public Relations

    I was born in Pakistan and moved to Canada after I completed my high school. In 2018, I obtained Bachelor of Mathematics, Honors Mathematics/Business Administration from University of Waterloo.

    I have expertise in Management Consultant and a strong academic interest in big data, philosophy, growth economics and computing technologies. I am experienced in sales, marketing and business development adept at communicating rigorous findings to known stakeholders. Furthermore I have strong analytical skills with expertise in computing technologies; skilled in working with databases, statistics, finance, business optimization, and business analysis.

    Oluwaseun Soetan

    Director of Entrepreneurship and Community development

    More than five years’ experience in private and public sectors, specializing in information management, contract and tender management, implementation and support of enterprise business applications, process documentation, adoption and improvement.

    Seun had her first degree in Computer Science (Bachelor of Science) in 2007 and second degree as Masters in Geo-informatics (MGIT) in 2011 from Nigeria. She is a Scrum Master Certified (SMC) professional and completed a Business Analysis competency course in 2018 here in Canada with an IIBA Endorsed Education Provider

    Advisory Board

    Peace For All Canada

    Retired Ambassador Bryan Burton: Public Relations Advisor

    Dr. Ali Hassan Zaidi: Religious and Culture Advisor

    Dr. Adam Davidson: Peace and Conflict Transformation Advisor

    Eltaib Olema: Community Engagement Advisor

    Anim Ayikoru: Immigrant Women Advisor